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Who we are

Lord of Socks

There are many sock producers but there is only one Lord of Socks.

Since our start in summer 2013 we have committed us to offer our customers high quality and best designs to fair prices.

We combine Italian sock manufacturing expertise with British style influenced by the multi-cultural background of our home town.

Settled in Berlin and lay our socks to the feet of the world.

Our mission

Our mission is the basis and the purpose of our organization at the same time.

The guidelines of our daily business are:

  • we are customer oriented and operate sustainable
  • we offer excellent products in the most simple way
  • we are innovative and not afraid to question the established




Customer Orientation

Customers are our main focus. Our strategic goal is to get better every day. This intent is only possible to realize by keeping in touch with our customers.

We are trying to realize it with the following activities:

  • feedback-reporting
  • low shipping costs
  • convenient recurring option
  • contract is due to cancel at any time
  • independent product testings



Our high claim is to align the ecological, economical as well as the social aspects of sustainability with our business model.

We are able to achieve this e.g. by selecting our socks conscientiously, preparating the products on our website and shipping our products in an ecological way.

We are seeking a long-term win-win situation for us as well as for our customers by offering excellent socks to fair prices.

We donate our returns to the German Red Cross.





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